I have been a knitter now for several years and over this last year or so I have also been branching out into spinning and dyeing. I also have recently begun to design more of my own knitting patterns and I’m considering also learning to sew so don’t be surprised if sewing makes an appearance on my blog in the near future. I feel my blog has been a great way of keeping track of my projects and what methods I’ve use, whether they were successful or a failure, and I plan to continue doing so.

A few other details about me;

My favourite colours are green and purple so expect to see those colours often in my projects.

I work in an office during the week and have a boyfriend to entertain at evenings and weekends, I also enjoying visiting new places (which I will include in my blog every now and then), but this means I don’t get to be as crafty as I’d like.

I’m a massive Sci-Fi fan especially Doctor Who and Supernatural but I hope you won’t hold that against me 😉



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  2. So, have you knit a Dr. Who scarf yet? Thanks for visiting my blog today.

    • I don’t even dare to think about starting one. Maybe one day…maybe.

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