Posted by: darkdreamer | Monday 17th November 2014

Getting there

Garter stitch rugby scarfAt this time of year I feel I should finish off all my on going knitting projects so I can start the new year with a clean slate, I’ve got a fair few WIPs on the go but there are a few that are nearly completed.

First up is a scarf for my BF, it’s a Leeds Rhinos rugby scarf, I can’t remember when I started it but it was supposed to be for this years season but as that ended in Sept/Oct it’s now his Birthday/Christmas present (his birthday is 24th Dec I have decided which day to give him it on yet). It’s just been blocked so all that’s required once dry it the ends to be tided up.

I’ve also got a shawl that’s waiting to be blocked, I finished knitting my Charm shawl a while back (though the picture is back when it was still in progress) but because of the scallop edging I have to steam block the edge after wet blocking the body. I’m somewhat nervous of attempting this so have been putting it off, I’ll have to bite the bullet soon because I really want to be able to wear it.

CharmThe big news however is I’m casting off my Celestarium star shawl 😀 I started it Summer last year and while the first 4 charts knitting up very quickly the 5 chart was so painfully slow I found it hard to motivate my self to carry on with it. Eventually I made it to the final chart and it felt like the end was in sight and I was able to make loads of progress and now I’m 1/3 of my way though the knitted off edging. I’m not using the edging provided with the pattern (which was just a plain garter edging) instead I’m using Stellar Wave Edging, I found it rather confusing at first but this was only the second knitted cast-off I’ve ever done and the first on a circular project and I was fine once I figured out what I was supposed to do.Star Shawl



  1. They’re all lovely, but the Celestarium is especially gorgeous, especially in beautiful rich purple. 🙂

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