Posted by: darkdreamer | Tuesday 22nd April 2014

KNN Thursday: Say hello!

Me in Stitches


Ok this was taken a couple of weeks ago but the KNN is getting a bit bigger, hence all the cups (side note I was in a foul mood the week I took this and was rather surprised none of then shouted at me for been a grumpy got).

It’s so great to have a KNN group for moral support with tricky things. They even had the patience to teach this long term Hooker to knit. And now for a bit of self promotion. We are on Ravelry and Facebook. We welcome everyone and the only real rule is Costa is kind enough for us to use their space so please buy a drink from them. Now the self promotion is over….

Most of these lovely ladies (we do accept male members but we don’t have any currently) are attempting Celestarium and I think they are very brave. Or…

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