Posted by: darkdreamer | Tuesday 1st April 2014

2nd Sorbetto – Completed

I’ve finally completed my second Sorbetto top, this time with sleeves.

Sorbetto with sleeves

I cut out the fabric for this last year after completing my first Sorberto but when I gave the sewing machine back to my mum it got put it away. Since I now have the sewing machine permanently I’ve been able to finish it off, though it’s taken a little while as I’ve been practicing at sewing a skirt. Since I had enough material to get a second top out of I decided to make a second Sorbetto but to make it different to the first version I added sleeves. I used the sleeve patterns from Sew, incidentally and the help on how to insert a sleeve on Tilly and the Buttons blog.

Sorbetto sleeveIt’s probably not the best ever inserted sleeve but you know what… I don’t care, I’m so pleased with it, I made a sleeve 🙂 I bias bound the neck line, sleeves and the hem line but with the bias binding showing on the neck line and sleeve and in the inside of the hem.




  1. It looks great! the gathers in the sleeves are very neat as it the bias binding – which I was this tidy 🙂

  2. What a good idea to add sleeves to this pattern!

  3. […] but I’m very proud of finishing a wearable pencil skirt. Here’s me wearing it with my 2nd Sorbetto before a night out in May which made it my first (and atm my only) outfit for Me-Made-May, […]

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