Posted by: darkdreamer | Sunday 2nd February 2014

Spot The Deliberate Mistake

Last Sunday I cast off Marin and I only cast on on the 5th January, go me :). I bought the pattern a while back to use with some hand-spun but had to abandon that plan when I realized I didn’t have enough yarn. When I went yarn shopping in the beginning of January for the MKAL I was taking part in I decided to pick up some yarn that I could use to finally complete Marin.


I just loved knitting this pattern, probably why I finished it so quickly, but I did make a bit of a mistake, one I didn’t realize till I was at the very end. The pattern starts at one tip and you make increases along the top edge till the middle section then you decrease to the other tip. Well that’s what your supposed to do, turns out I got my right and wrong sides mixed up at the first tip so my increases were on the bottom edge instead but I didn’t realize till I got to the other end and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t looking like the start. Once I figured out what I did wrong I was faced with a choice, switch the side the decreases were on, or rip it all out, yeah right like that was going to happen, I altered the decreases. No one will ever know, shhh 😉


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