Posted by: darkdreamer | Wednesday 11th December 2013

Ok I give up…

Xmas tree… it can be Christmas. I try to resist Christmas to begin with, partially now it keeps starting earlier and earlier (they had the Christmas lights on in Leeds for over a month now), but as it’s only two weeks away now I’m happy to get into the spirit of things. So the tree came out and went up at the weekend, I’m quite glad actually as it really brightens up the flat particularly as it gets dark early now.

I’ve also got stuck into my Christmas knitting, I’m only knitting one gift this year, a pair of fingerless flip-top mitts for my boyfriend.Fingerless mitt I’ve made a lot more progress then shown in the photograph since I took it at the weekend, I’ve now got most of the hand completed on the second glove. I haven’t finished the first glove yet as I still need to knit the flip-top and sew in all the ends (which there is a lot of 😦 ) Hoping that I can get them both finished off by the weekend (or early next week).



  1. Good luck on the sewing up,the mitts are looking good 🙂

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