Posted by: darkdreamer | Monday 23rd September 2013

I did that

Do you ever do something and when you’ve finished up pick it up, look at it and go ‘Wow, I did that :D’. That’s how I felt after finishing the bias facing on the neck of my Sorbetto top.  I’ve made a little bit of a mess of it at the back but it’s at the back so no one will notice, but I’m just so pleased with how it looks.

Sorbetto in progress

I need to bind the arm holes and hem the bottom edge, hopefully I’ll find the time to do so before I have to return Mum’s sewing machine on Sunday, then I’ll have my first wearable finshed sewing project.



  1. I like the fabric you used and the binding matches nicely.

  2. […] cut out the fabric for this last year after completing my first Sorberto but when I gave the sewing machine back to my mum it got put it away. Since I now have the sewing […]

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