Posted by: darkdreamer | Sunday 4th August 2013

Socks, socks, socks… and a shawl

I currently have a few sock WIPs at the moment, all toe up, let me run you through them.

On a set of DPNs I have got the foot part of a simple ribbed sock in a some Opal sock yarn (Top left). On 2 circulars I have most of the first sock completed in a Schoppel Crazy Zauberball (Top Right). I have also recently cast on Wendy D. Johnson ‘Heart to Heart Socks’ two at a time (Middle Right) as I’m not sure how long I can make them as I’ve only got a limited amount of yarn, knitting two at a time I’ll just keep going till I run out of yarn.

I am also knitting a vanilla pair of socks two at a time in my rainbow sock yarn (Bottom Left) you can see where the Green ran into the yellow what I dyed them creating stripes which is a little disappointing but over all I’m happy with how they’re turning out. And last, but not least, there are my Green ‘Butterfly Socks’ (Bottom Right) another pattern Wendy D. Johnson using some more of my own hand-dyed yarn, I have finished knitting them but I need to sew down the picot hem before I can wear them (I also have another pair of socks knocking around that I have knitted but haven’t sew in the, but they’re not pictured here).

Along side all the socks I currently have on the go I also have a few other projects including Celestarium which I have been meaning to cast on for ages but have finally got round to recently.

Star ShawlI’m happy with my progress so far but I am at in the early stages where it still grows at a noticeable rate, I’m sure that won’t last 😉


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