Posted by: darkdreamer | Saturday 6th July 2013

TDF 2013 Week 1

BFL skeinYou may have notice that I don’t blog much about spinning, well the reason is that for a while now I’ve not been doing a great deal of spinning. I finished spinning some sparkly BFL fibre (pictured left) a few months ago and was going to make a blog about it but somehow never got round to it. Since then I’ve not done any spinning, I kept meaning to but always found something else to do, so when I heard that Tour de Fleece {TDF} was starting at the end of June I decided to sign up.

As I was at Woolfest on Saturday I didn’t start spinning on the 1st day of TDF (29th June) but I did pick up a lovely hand carded batt by FeltStudioUK.

TDF day 1

I started spinning on Sunday and below is the pictures of my progress throughout the week.

TDF Day 2; Sunday

TDF Day 2, Sunday

TDF Day 3 Tuesday

TDF Day 3, Monday

TDF Day 4 Tuesday

TDF Day 4, Tuesday

I wasn’t able to do any spinning on Wednesday so there is no progress picture for that day (as there was no progress) 😦

TDF Day 6; Thursday

TDF Day 6, Thursday

TDF Day 7 Friday

TDF Day 7 Friday

I don’t think that’s a bad start, hopefully during the 2nd week I can spin everyday but for now I’m just happy to be out of my spinning runt.



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