Posted by: darkdreamer | Friday 7th June 2013


When it comes to packing, for most people, it’s just about making sure you have enough clothing to last for the trip and whatever toiletries might be needed (depending on how long their going for). For knitters however, while there is that to consider, there is also the added issue of what knitting to take.

So today I’m traveling north to spend the weekend in Newcastle and last night I was deciding what knitting I should take. First things first; my knitting kit, a pencil case full of (hopefully) everything that I need while knitting my projects. It contains things such as stitch holders, crochet hooks, scissors, a tape measure, and other things that might be useful while knitting. As for knitting I decided that it’d be best to take the jumper for my dad, that I’ve been working on for 7 months and have only done the back, in an attempt to try make some more progress (I’ve just started a sleeve so that’s not as silly as it sounds). But then I thought what if I fancy working on something new, I do have some hand-spun yarn that I’ve been meaning to cast-on for Marin. Packing that also meant packing needles (and as I use interchangeable needles a cable), but since I not sure what my gauge will be like when I start I pack a few sizes (around the recommended size).

But as I’m traveling I should at least pack one sock wip, just the plain vanilla sock I’m working on, cos you never know when you might have a few minutes when it might be posible to do a row or two. Though, as I’m working on the gusset atm, I might reach the heel while I’m away (I work toe-up) so I best pack my book that I’ll be using to create the heel (as I am designing this sock from scratch).


I think that should be enough to get me though the next 3 days.



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  2. […] I cast off Marin and I only cast on on the 5th January, go me :). I bought the pattern a while back to use with some hand-spun but had to abandon that plan when I realized I didn’t have enough yarn. When I went yarn […]

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