Posted by: darkdreamer | Tuesday 4th June 2013


I love blocking… actually no that’s a lie, I don’t like blocking at all. All that faffing about with pins and wire rods only to realize you’ve misjudged the position of your knitting on the blocking mats and have to unpin it and start again. What I love is a blocked piece of knitting, especially lace. Going from a small unformed knitted item to a full sized work of art. That might sound a bit pretentious but really I can’t think of another way to describe something like this.

Finished Shawl

For those who have never heard the term blocking before and are now wondering what on earth I am on about, blocking is a method of ‘setting’ knitted items before wearing them. Certain knitted items, particularly lace, only show off their full potential after they have been blocked.

Un-Blocked ShawlThere are several methods for blocking that I won’t go into, but for my shawl I soaked it for approximately 15 minutes in warmish water with a no-rinse wool wash. I then got out my blocking kit, which consists of different length straight wires and T-pins, and began pinning out the shawl to its full dimensions (I won’t go into detail as it was a; boring and b; painful [stupidly stepped on some pins :(]). Then after blocking the item to resemble what it should look like I left to dry overnight, at which point out came the wire and pins and Ta Dah….

Blocked Shawl

For those of you who are wondering the pattern I used is Echo Flower Shawl, however, I decided that I didn’t think the nubbs worked with this yarn (they just looked messy) so decided to replace them with beads.

Blocked Shawl - Detail



  1. This is just beyond lovely!

  2. Great before and after pictures, what a contrast.

  3. Your shawls is so beautiful. So fine and lovely colour.

  4. Stunning. What a lovely shawl! That is an excellent example of where blocking is totally effective and required.

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