Posted by: darkdreamer | Thursday 30th May 2013

Rugby and Ilkley

As much as I enjoy blogging it can be hard sometimes to get around to writing, it’s not that I don’t have anything to write about or that I’m not without the free time. It’s just that with working full time, household chores, spending time with friends and family and all the other little things that take up my time, when I do have free time more often and not all I want to do sit down with a cup a tea, put one of my favourite TV shows on and knit.

With that been said here’s a post that I intend to write last week following on from my previous post and show you my sports scarf at the match on the 2oth May.

Rhinos Match Scarf

It was my first ever sporting event and even though Leeds lost 😦 I’ll be going again (fingers crossed for a better result), though not until august so the scarf probably won’t be very useful by then.

Following day (21st May) I had another day off work so spent it enjoying Ilkley, I’ve posted a few photos from the day below if you’re interested. In the future I will try not be lazy about my blogging (and have more focus next time, this blog feels like I’ve just been jabbering on).

Ilkley 1

Ilkley 2

Ilkley 3

Ilkley 4

Ilkley 5


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