Posted by: darkdreamer | Sunday 14th April 2013

It can’t be that hard

I’m currently knitting a sports scarf, not something I’d ever thought I’d make, especially for myself, but here I am making a Leeds Rhinos team scarf. It’s mostly my boyfriend’s idea, he’s taking me to a match next month and said I should make one for when we go and bought me the yarn, who was I to say no. Now I could have gone on to Ravelry and quite easily found a scarf pattern, but it’s just a scarf, surely I can just make it up myself, surely it can’t be that hard. I decided that in had to have two main elements; 1. It had to be double sided, I knew I didn’t want it to role up so it couldn’t be stocking stitch, and I didn’t want to use either rib or garter stitch, and 2. it had to be striped like the Rhinos kit (a combination of large and small stripes in blue and yellow). Everything else was just detail.

First up, finding a stitch pattern to create double sided knitting. I dug out my knitting reference books and found a method for making double side fabric I liked the look of in the colour-work section of ‘Superstar Knitting’ by Debbie Stoller. The method I chose was to use a even number of stitch and was just a simple knit one then slip one to the end on every row, easy, I just needed to be aware that I’d have to cast on twice as many stitches then usual to get the sort of width I was after. Next thing was casting on, normally I just use a long-tailed cast on for my projects but my wish to create a double side effect meant that the long-tailed cast on probably wouldn’t really work (I did actually try just to be sure).  Back to my knitting books and found two-strand tubular cast on, it was meant for 1×1 ribbing but I thought that it would work with the knit one, slip one pattern. So I cast on a even number of stitches and got knitting, I didn’t get far before I realized that the cast-on wasn’t really working. It just wasn’t really stiff enough and was very lose, so I ripped it out and went back to my knitting book and found a alternative version of the cable cast-on designed to be used with ribbing and decided to give that a go. Much better. I worked out a good number of stitches to cast-on to give me the width I was after and got knitting.

Now I needed to figure out when and where to change colours to get the stripe pattern I was after, I decided to figure that out as I went along keep a accurate stitch count and then match the number of rows as I went along. I knit with my cast-on colour, blue, and when it looked a decent length I changed to yellow and knit the same number of rows before changing back to blue. This time, however, I wanted a longer stripe so I knit double the length of the smaller colour sections but I wasn’t happy how it looked so I knit the same number as a small stripe again. I still wasn’t sure, should I change colours and have a large stripe three times the size as a small one or go for four times the size? I deiced to knit on. Much better, now I just needed to use the same ratios (two small stripes followed by a large stripe) and just alternate the colours.

Rhinos scarf in progress

This is where I’ve got to after a week of knitting (I’ve not been working on any other projects) and so far so good, it would have been so much easier to just find a existing pattern and change the colours but this is so much more satisfying.



  1. I hope the Rhinos scarf’s coming on ok 🙂 I just nominated you for the Leibster Award – I really enjoy reading your blog and think other people will too!

    • The scarf is coming along well. Thank’s for the nomination, I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog 🙂

  2. […] a month, the reason for this is because I’ve been working hard whenever I could to finish my Leeds Rhinos Rugby Scarf so I haven’t found the time to blog. It’s been worth it though because I managed to […]

  3. Oh My Giddy Aunt! Where did you get that delicious yarn from? It’s the perfect rhinos colours.

    And would it be tonight’s game you are going to?

    • Not tonight, that was for the St Helens match back in May, I’ll be watching on the TV, fingers crossed.

      I got the yarn in The Spinner the wool shop on the Headrow in Leeds it’s Heritage DK by Jarol Ltd.

  4. I’m sorry if this was already written on the summary, but what is the pattern for this? I’m currently working on a scarf for a team myself and I went the circular needle route and its taking foooorrrrreeeevvvverrrr LOL… pretty much just casted on about 60-70 stitchs on to a US-6 16′ circular and not even half ways. would really like to try it after I finish this scarf.

    • Sorry there no pattern for this, I’ll try to dig out my notes and I write up what I did.

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