Posted by: darkdreamer | Tuesday 2nd April 2013

A good day to dye

Last weekend I had a nice long bank holiday weekend and I had the Friday all to myself, perfect chance to do some dyeing. I had some green dye left over from some of my previous dyeing projects and some alpaca sock yarn. I deiced just to do a simple immersion dye bath but before adding the dye to the pot I added a little bit of bicarbonate of soda as I wanted a more muted colour then I usually make. So in went the dye into the pot followed by my yarn that had already been soaked beforehand and then all that was needed was to put it on the hob at a low temperature and let the magic of time (with the occasional stir)  take its course.


Dye pot before


Dye pot after

Then after rinsing and leaving it to dry I had my finished yarn.

Green Alpaca Sock Yarn

Nice and simple, now I just have to deiced what to knit it into. 🙂


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