Posted by: darkdreamer | Saturday 23rd March 2013

Long Weekend = Crafting time

So as I took Monday off work I had a long weekend last weekend which of course meant crafting time. 🙂 First up dyeing fibre, my aim this time was to try to make sure I didn’t felt the fibre which has been a problem with some of my previous attempts. Using some Humbug BFL fibre I deiced to use the painting method to add dye to the fibre as I wanted a muti-colour effect. I was also using the left-over dye from when I dyed my rainbow yarn, which I mixed together and got a dark green but as I didn’t want the colour to over power the humbug effect I halved the mixture and added the same amount of water as there was dye. I also made a small amount of black dye mixture and, after pouring out about 1/4 of the watered down dye mixture, I added a very small amount (about a teaspoon) of the black dye to the smaller measure of green dye to make it slightly darker.

After soaking the fibre I laid it out on cling-film having left it in a braid and then pour small amounts of both dye mixtures on to the fibre in a haphazard manner. I wrappedMint Humbug the fibre in the cling-film and put it into the oven to slowly cook on a low temperature before leaving to cool over night. The following day I rinsed the fibre carefully and left it to dry. It did come out a little felted but nothing a bit of pre-drafting before spinning can’t fix.

While my fibre was drying I also had a go at making my own fabric covered notebook. I was using a pain notebook I bought, a bit of left over fabric, some tapestry thread, and a old fabric shopping bag I ripped the handle off when I fell over the other week (what can I say I’m a clumsily person). I cut open the shopping bag along the seams and traced round the notebook’s cover to get the right size for the cover. I then cut out the fabric leaving a hem of about 1-2cm around the outline of the notebook, when cut out I folded over the hem and tacked the fabric so it the same size of the notebook. I ironed the edges flat and used the tapestry tread to create a decorative boarder and used fabric glue to attach the fabric seam side down to the notebook. While the glue was drying I cut out a small rectangle of the other fabric, hemmed it and added a boarder in the same manner as the main cover. I also used the thread to sew the word ‘Notes’ into the fabric and then glued that onto the front cover of the notebook.

Fabric Notebook

I have to say I love crafty weekends 🙂



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