Posted by: darkdreamer | Wednesday 13th March 2013

Rainbow Yarn

Rainbow RollIt’s the middle of March and there’s no sign of spring showing up any time soon, at least I have the rainbow yarn I dyed last weekend to brighten things up. It was my first attempt at using a pre-knitted sock blank which I just had to use to make a self-stripping sock yarn.

As I wanted to make sure I had matching socks I folded the sock-blank in half (that way when I unravelled the yarn I could knit from either end) and stated to paint the yarn. I’ll have to admit, it’s not quite a rainbow as I only mixed up 6 colours rather then 7; Red, Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue and Purple. I dyed the ends of the sock-blank red and had the purple on the fold, though I also put a bit of red on the purple end to make more ‘indigo and violet’ rather than just purple. Dyed Rainbow Yarn

Rainbow Yarn Drying (2)So after wrapping it, carefully, in cling-film it went into the over (in a dish) it set. After cooking and cooling it I unwrapped it full of excitement only to find the green had made a run for it right into the yellow. 😦 I keep telling myself it won’t show up that much and if it does it won’t matter but, still, it isn’t the rainbow I’d envisioned.

I’ve since unravelled the sock-blank and wound it into a ball to give the yarn chance to relax and lose some of the kinks before i get round to knitting it up. It’ll be socks so the imperfections won’t show. They won’t. I hope.



  1. […] the fibre as I wanted a muti-colour effect. I was also using the left-over dye from when I dyed my rainbow yarn, which I mixed together and got a dark green but as I didn’t want the colour to over power […]

  2. […] am also knitting a vanilla pair of socks two at a time in my rainbow sock yarn (Bottom Left) you can see where the Green ran into the yellow what I dyed them creating stripes […]

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