Posted by: darkdreamer | Sunday 24th February 2013

Fixing things

First thing that needs to be fixed is my blogging, I haven’t written a blog post in months, so this is the first thing I’m fixing. I’ve also been fixing mistakes in my dyeing and my knitting, I’ll give you some back ground first.

I ordered some sock yarn to make my mum some ‘painted’ hand dyed sock yarn for her Christmas present. They were quartered lengthways with blue and yellow stripes with green where the two colours meet (sorry no pictures). While ordering the sock yarn for my mum I notice that there was as some alpaca sock yarn available so I added it to my order. Boy was it lovely yarn :). I ordered BFL sock yarn for my mum and this alpaca made the BFL feel coarse by comparison, so (after stoking the yarn fairly regularly) I decided that it’d make a lovely pair of gloves in a semi solid purple.

I get the semi-solid effect I wanted I decided to try a different method to the immersion dyeing method I had used in the past as I wanted greater variation in colour then I had tried to create before. I used the painting method that I’ve used before but instead of painting vertical bands of colour I zig-zaged separate due solutions of red and blue up and down the length of the yarn. Using my fingers I gently worked the colour into the yarn, making sure it blended together(thought not too much) and into any areas without dye, wrapped it up in clingfilm and put it into the oven it set the colour. When it’s done and cooled I unwrap the yarn and begin to rinse and that’s when I notice it, I missed a bit, a patch of the yarn was almost completely without colour 😦 .

Painted and over dyed yarnWhat do I do, I not sure so I deiced to leave it to dry while I thought about, I mean it might have looked ok when it was dry, it might have even be a nice unexpected effect. I woke up the next morning when the yarn had dried, no such luck, the patch was, if anything, even more noticeable. Nothing for it, next weekend I decided to over dye it, nothing too fancy just a immersion bath of purple on the hob and I’m  glad I did because it came out just I had envisioned 🙂 .

So now the gloves I wanted to make, I’d already picked the pattern I was going to use so got to work quickly, I wanted to have chance to wear them before the weather got too warm. I had no real problems with the first pair despite this been the first pair of gloves I’d ever made (lots of fingerless mittens though) so carried on to the second glove full of confidence. However, when I was on to the fingers disaster struck, I was admiring my work so far and notice something wasn’t with the cables on the back of the hand. It hit me, I had crossed one of the cable in the wrong direction 😦 . So I was faced with another choice; do I ignore it and finish the glove, or rip it back and fix it. I thought hard, usually when I made a little mistake like that in the past I’ve ignored it, but it was on the back of my hand, I knew I’d be looking at it every time I wore the gloves… I ripped it back.

It was worth it in the end. So now I have a lovely pair for gloves and it’s still cold so I’ve had plenty of chances to wear them 🙂

Hand-dyed gloves


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