Posted by: darkdreamer | Wednesday 24th October 2012

Yarn on fire

Sorry it’s been awhile since I lasted posted, it’s not that I haven’t been doing any crafty stuff, I’ve been doing little bits on lots of different projects, but nothing I really felt like blogging about. That has now changed however as I have finally got around to painting yarn. Before I’ve always used the immersion dyeing method in an attempt to produce solid/semi-solid coloured yarn but I felt it was time to try a different method for dyeing yarn. I also moved out of my colour comfort zone of greens, blues, and purples and used red and yellow dyes.

I just loved how simple it was, after soaking the yarn (4ply sock) and mixing the dyes I ring some of the excess water out of the yarn and lay in out on a strip of Clingfilm. Then came the fun bit, the painting, strictly speaking I didn’t actually ‘paint’ the yarn as I poured a little bit of dye on to areas of the yarn. I dyed the yarn in quarters, a quarter red, a quarter yellow, a quarter red again and then yellow again for the last quarter.

Next I wrapped the Clingfilm around the yarn, put it into a roasting tray and put  it in the oven on a medium/low temperature for around an hour before turning the oven off and leaving the yarn to cool before unwrapping. A quick rinse to remove any possible excess dyed was followed by the yarn been allowed to dry left me with this lovely hank.

 The dye has run a bit resulting in most of the yellow (except one small area) been turned orange but I don’t care as it looks amazing 🙂



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