Posted by: darkdreamer | Tuesday 21st August 2012

Time to dye 3: Whatever’s left

So here it is, the long awaited conclusion to my ‘Time to Dye’ series (well perhaps not that ‘long awaited’ but for the pervious instalments see Time to dye 1 & 2).

In dying up some light blue and green fibre I was left with some blue and yellow dye solutions which was good cos I needed some green yarn sock. Using some BFL that I bought from DT Crafts at Woolfest I mixed together the yellow and most of the blue and immersion dyed my sock yarn.

I love the result, though the photo doesn’t show it in the best light, haven’t decided on a sock pattern to use with it yet but there’s time as I’m currently half way through two other pairs of socks atm.



  1. […] Socks’ (Bottom Right) another pattern Wendy D. Johnson using some more of my own hand-dyed yarn, I have finished knitting them but I need to sew down the picot hem before I can wear them (I also […]

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