Posted by: darkdreamer | Sunday 29th July 2012


As I mention in both my previous posts it was my intention to card together the blue and green dyed merino that I dyed. I felt like making something unusual so I decided to use some cut silk top and some dyed Wensleydale curls in blue and green.

I started by mixing up some of each colour with small amounts of the silk to allow a more even spread of silk in some sections in the final carded rolags. I then set out all the different fibres, blue merino, green merino, blue merino/silk rolags, green merino/silk rolags, white cut silk top, blue Wensleydale curls, and green Wensleydale curls. The curls were of much stronger colours then my dyed merino tops and my hope was that they would provide areas of interest in terms of colour and texture. I created my rolags by mixing together each of my components in different amounts, sometimes missing one or two of the different fibres, to create textured and colourful rolags.

The finished product was a old shoe box full of lovely looking rolags, each is slightly different, some have more blue in them while others have more green. Some have streaks of white silk while other have strong chunks of the Wensleydale curls either in blue, green or combinations of both showing. The question now is; what will they be like to spin? Looking forward to finding out 🙂


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