Posted by: darkdreamer | Friday 20th July 2012

Time to Dye 2: Dyeing Again

In my previous blog post I wrote about dyeing 50g grams of merino wool in a shade of light turquoise which I hoped to card with another 50g grams of merino that I would dye up later. Well it wasn’t long after posting that I decide to actually dye the merino blue (you know how it is once you start something). I used much of the same process as before, though I tried really hard not to felt the fibre (not sure I succeed ūüė¶ ), but I only used a small amount of blue dye. The result was this;

Next I hope to card this with the 50g of the turquoise (see Time to Dye) and then at some point use up the left over blue and yellow dye on some sock yarn.






  1. […] So here it is, the long awaited¬†conclusion to my ‘Time to Dye’ series¬†(well perhaps not that¬†’long awaited’ but for the pervious instalments see Time to dye 1 & 2). […]

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