Posted by: darkdreamer | Saturday 14th July 2012

Time to Dye

The other night I decided it was time to do some dying as I’ve not done any in a while and I had the flat to myself. My plan is to do 100g of Merino roving in two colours, 50g in a light blue/turquoise and 50g in a light green/turquoise colour, and then card the two together. At least that’s the plan we will just have to see how things turn out.

First off I take 50g of Merino, having split a 100g of tops into two equal lengths, and place it in a pot of 4 pints (2 liters) of water with some citric acid dissolved in, as I shall be using acid aye. While my wool is soaking I make up my dye solutions, 125ml of Blue and Yellow, but I shall only be using a small amount of each today as I want quite light shades.  When the roving has been left to soak for 40 minutes or so I mix 20ml of blue with 10ml of Yellow and add it to the wool.

I then heat the wool on a low setting until the liquid turns clear and I turn off the cooker and leave the pot to cool over night. In the morning I drain the water and place the roving in a colander and fill my sink with cool water. I place the colander containing the wool into the sink and leave for 15 minutes to remove any excess dye and then leave to dye.

And here’s the result, it’s got some blue patches and was a little felted but as my 3rd attempt of dying roving and since I plan on carding  the other 50g of the Merino when I’ve dyed up (which I’ll be blogging about later) it’s not a big deal.



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