Posted by: darkdreamer | Saturday 30th June 2012

Woolfest 2012

Last Saturday I went to Woolfest in Cumbria with a few aims, mainly to get a chance to see in person things that in the past I have only seen online. By that I mean I was able to look, feel and try yarn, fibre and spindles. I also got the chance to have a go on a loom, which was one of my aims while at Woolfest, and while I can see the appeal I know now that weaving is probably not for me (I’m not sure why I just didn’t seem to joy it).

With all the choice of spindles, yarn, fibre and craft accessories you’d think that I would have   loads (and frankly I thought I would too) in the end I managed to restrict my purchases to some dyeing equipment (one pot of blue dye and some citric acid), a 100g skein of undyed Blue Faced Leicester sock yarn and 100g of dyed Merino and Silk fibre which is pictured (sorry, its a bit blurred).



  1. […] which was good cos I needed some green yarn sock. Using some BFL that I bought from DT Crafts at Woolfest I mixed together the yellow and most of the blue and immersion dyed my sock […]

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